Committed to promoting the Order of Christian Funerals and the tradition of Catholic Burial in Catholic Cemeteries.

Kyle Neilson

Vice President

Evangelium Consulting


Kyle Neilson is Vice President of Evangelium Consulting Group, a consulting firm founded through a friendship with Patrick Lencioni to apply Lencioni’s wisdom to Catholic Organizations.  He is also an affiliate with STRiVE! which applies Lencioni’s work to corporate contexts.  Kyle works with various organizations, including two Catholic cemeteries to date, throughout North America.

Kyle discovered a vocation in consulting after ten years in diocesan and parish leadership positions. Until 2015 he served as the Director of the Adult Evangelization and Discipleship Office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.  Kyle is passionate about helping organizations become “smart” and “healthy” so that they fulfill their missions and leaders thrive.

He and his wife have five children and live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Organizational Health: the Missing and Multiplying Ingredient

Organizations focus on the “smart” disciplines: finance, marketing, technology, strategy, and operations. This is necessary and good, but what about ‘health’?  Kyle will explain how an organization’s health is the foundation for, and multiplier of, its “smarts” yet often receives little attention.  His presentation, both inspirational and practical, will address how to become a healthy organization by overcoming politics, confusion, low morale and productivity, and negative turnover—starting with the formation of a cohesive leadership team.  Discover simple disciplines, rooted in virtue, you can practice so that your people and mission thrive.