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Poul Lemasters

President and CEO

Lemasters Consulting


Poul began his career in deathcare more than 20 years ago as a funeral director and embalmer. He quickly recognized that the growing risk and liability in deathcare along with the lack of support and resources for those in this profession made for a deadly combination. So, he decided to go to law school—and he passed!

Today, Poul uses his unique background in both deathcare and law to provide resources and counsel to other deathcare professionals. He gets calls for assistance in risk management, daily operational conflicts, form and contract reviews, valuations, and regulatory matters. Basically, all the exciting issues our profession has to offer. Poul advises several funeral home, crematory, cemetery, and trade associations across the United States. He also shares his know-how with those in the field by serving as Cremation Coordinator and Advisor for ICCFA’s Cremation Education Program.

You’re always welcome to call Poul to learn about proactive prevention for your business, or for some reactive counseling after you get sued.

“5 Issues That Are Changing Deathcare”

Cremation is on the rise. Regulations are more rigorous. Family dynamics are changing. And lawsuits seem to be more common. It seems deathcare is plagued with issues. If you just sit and listen to all the issues you may just give up and run for the hills. But what issues are really at the forefront? Is there anything deathcare can do to triumph over the new challenges? This presentation provides a look into the top 5 issues that either affect deathcare or will affect deathcare. Keep in mind that deathcare isn’t simply the funeral home; or the cemetery – it is a look into all of deathcare and all providers. More than identifying the issues, this presentation will also outline solutions so you – the provider – are ready and able to face the issues. Overall, the presentation will:

  • Identify issues that are affecting deathcare providers;
  • Discuss the potential risks and rewards with the issues;
  • List solutions to these challenging, but more and more common, situations.

This presentation will last 1 hour and educate the audience and provide simple steps they can implement to help protect them from cremation liability when handling the cremation case.

This presentation will target funeral homes, cemetarians, arrangers, managers, and those individuals who offer and provide funeral, cemetery, and cremation services.

Informal lecture with audience participation including: questions during lecture, audience sample scenarios, and relevant “hands on stories”.