(Arch)Diocese Cemetery / Funeral Home Membership Application

(Arch)Diocese Cemetery / Funeral Home Membership Application

New Member Application Process

All applications will be reviewed by the CCFW Board of Directors and you will be notified by email of approval.

Applicants must meet following criteria to be approved:

  • Must be a Cemetery and/or Funeral Home for the Archdiocese or Diocese (you must receive your W2s from an Archdiocese or Diocese)
  • Located within the operative area listed below

Membership Pricing

Initial Diocesan Cemetery/Funeral Home membership is $200, which covers one person. You may add additional associate members for $100 per person per year. If you need additional members added, please email [email protected] to request an invoice.

Annual Membership amount must match the number of individuals in your account access. (For example, if you have 3 people listed as members in your account, your annual dues should be $400).

If you are adding on five additional associate members, select “One Additional” and “Four Additional” to equal correct number.

Operative Area

Regions VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, and XIII of the United States as determined by the United States Catholic Conference, and the four Western Provinces of Canada. Please check your for your region here.

Regular Member Definition

The Director or designated manager of a cemetery/funeral home for the Archdiocese or Diocese within the operative area of the Corporation for the period of this appointment by the proper Ordinary, or the permanent delegate of the Director to the Association for the period of such appointment; or an individual who is the manager (and for the period of the appointment) of a cemetery or Funeral Home not under the control of the Ordinary of the area in which it is located, but which is accepted and recognized by that Ordinary as a “Catholic Cemetery and/or Funeral Home.”

Associate Member Definition

An individual who, by appointment of the proper Ordinary of the Regular Member, (and for the period of such appointment) is the manger (or equivalent) of one or more exclusively Catholic Cemeteries and or Funeral Homes, or; An individual, who, while not manager (or equivalent) of a Catholic Cemetery and/or Funeral Home within the operative area of the Corporation, is engaged there in a position of responsibility and who is presented for membership by the management of the cemetery.

You may add as many Associate Members as you wish under the Regular Cemetery/Funeral Home Membership. If the form below doesn’t allow as many as you need, please email our office so we can assist you.

Apply for Membership