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2024 CCFW Annual Conference Recap

The Catholic Cemetery and Funeral Services of the West Conference was held in Sacramento January 29-31, bringing together industry professionals, members of the clergy, and supplier partners to discuss the latest developments in the funeral and cemetery industry, as well as revitalizing our mission of why we do what we do. The conference covered a … Read more

Retirement Blessing to CCFW Member, Richard Peterson

To our Dear Friend and Colleague, Richard Peterson, On behalf of CCFW and all its members, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on your well-deserved retirement after an outstanding 32 years with the Seattle Archdiocese Associated Catholic Cemeteries. Your dedication and commitment to the mission of  Associated Catholic Cemeteries as well as our own organization have … Read more

Bishops’ Statement Concerning Disposition of Human Remains

REPOST FROM THE CATHOLIC CEMETERY CONFERENCE The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on 20 March 2023 issued a statement “On the Proper Disposition of Bodily Remains” from their Committee on Doctrine. View On Proper Disposition 2023-03-20 In particular, “after the alkaline hydrolysis process, there are also remnants of the bones that can be pulverized … Read more

Pearl’s Premium Revolutionizes Burial Practices With Their Single Grave Grass Package

CCFW Supplier Partner Sponsored Post Huge time, money & water savings with award-winning safe, sustainable, low maintenance turf. Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed announces a new revolutionary and very useful cemetery product… a complete grass package for up to 50 square feet, to cover a single new grave after a burial. The package … Read more

2023 CCFW Annual Conference Recap

The Catholic Cemetery and Funeral Services of the West Conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Orange County January 23-26, bringing together industry professionals, members of the clergy, and supplier partners to discuss the latest developments in the funeral and cemetery industry, as well as revitalizing our mission of why we do what we do. … Read more

Better Connected: Why Combo Operators need a Single Source of Truth

CCFW Supplier Member Sponsored Article by PlotBox Depending on how far you got through your geometry textbook, you’ll know that the shortest distance between two points is often defined as a straight line. So why then in providing services do we often find ourselves taking a more circuitous route when getting from point A to point … Read more

Members in the News: 4-legged employees spotted at Holy Cross Cemetery

Reposted from The Holy Cross Cemetery has apparently rented 250 goats and sheep to keep its plantlife under control, according to one eagle-eyed local resident. Fleur Hervas lives near the cemetery, and she decided to call them last week when she spotted the animals. They told her about the deal between the cemetery and … Read more

Thinking Ahead Why Cemeteries Should Be Marketing Preneed

By Doug Farrow, OpusXenta  Preneed has always been a marketing buzzword for funeral homes, but it can be just as profitable for cemeteries as well.  While many people shy away from considering their final resting place, cemeteries have an amazing opportunity to share the benefits of their offerings. By making existing customers familiar with the … Read more

Why Is Marketing Your Cemetery Online So Competitive?

By Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing Mimicry is a biological phenomenon in nature. Organisms evolve to mimic each other for assorted reasons, including protection against predators, ability to attract a mate, or help in securing resources. For example, many insects mimic their more toxic brethren to reduce their risks of being eaten by birds. Here’s … Read more

2022 CCFW Annual Conference Recap

After some time off, we were so blessed to be able to join together once again in Napa for the CCFW Annual conference. While many had to cancel and our numbers were small, those who attended really enjoyed the educational speakers, the roundtable discussions and a sense of camaraderie for those who were there. We … Read more

Amid Catholic opposition, states are legalizing composting of human remains

Washington, Colorado and Oregon are now among the US states that have legalized the process of converting bodies into soil, a procedure the Catholic Church said fails to show ‘respect for the body of the deceased.’

Cremation Placement Advertising Samples

Thank you to Ted Ratajczyk, Executive Director of Catholic Cemeteries Chicago, for sharing with our group these cremation ads they have been using to encourage cremated remain placement in Catholic Cemeteries.  Feel free to use the same idea in your own community. [nz_icons icon=”icon-arrow-right” animate=”false” size=”small” type=”none” icon_color=”” background_color=”” border_color=”” /] Closet Full Page [nz_icons … Read more

Technology Resources for PreNeed Sales

Resources Provided by Dave Petermeier, Coldspring ([email protected]) During the CCFW Roundtable Discussion on 7-30-20, a big takeaway was that many locations are seeing an increase in Pre-Need sales, especially online. Here are some resources that may be helpful to you when creating online meetings and ramping up your virtual pre-need sales. Continue Meeting your family … Read more

CCFW Roundtable Discussion 7-30-20

Thank you to all who joined us and contributed to the conversation! You may access the latest Roundtable Recording at: Password: wE6Q5?=R The July 30, 2020 Roundtable discussion focused: Procedures for when an employee tests positive? Are you allowing outdoor funeral masses? And, if you are, how are you handling them? What has been … Read more

CCFW Roundtable Discussion 6-23-20

You may access the latest Roundtable Recording at: Password: 0y+^@o@2 The June 23, 2020 Roundtable discussion focused: What if we want to limit attendance more that what states allow? What access are we providing to restrooms? Graveside Burial Funeral masses

CCFW Roundtable Discussion Recording – May 29, 2020

You may access the latest Roundtable Recording at: Password: 6w&!#+t5 The May 29, 2020 Roundtable discussion focused: How did you handle your Memorial Day Weekend activities What’s changing now and how are you adjusting? What does the “New” normal look like today? Going forward? How would an Ossuarium benefit the cemetery’s cremation options? What … Read more

CCFW Roundtable Discussion Recording – May 8, 2020

The May 8, 2020 Roundtable discussion focused: How is everyone handling Memorial Day Best practices for communicating restrictions/procedures to the public Funeral services for mass and burials How the Faith is taking shape in action in Catholic Cemeteries during COVID-19? Planning for next steps as areas of the country begin “phasing” back open The next … Read more

CCFW Covid-19 Updates and Resources

CCFW would like to be a source of support and resources to our members  during this time of uncertainty in the world. This page has been created to share updates that pertain to the Cemetery and Funeral Industry, Resources from Members that have helped them navigate through daily changes created by Covid-19, as well as … Read more

Man’s Relationship With Death

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3 Ways Tourism is reshaping cemeteries and the death care industry

The last decade has seen a boom in cemetery tourism, sometimes called Tombstone Tourism. With the rising interest in genealogy, more people are hunting out cemeteries to find their ancestors and trace their story. To feed this demand people who are interested, or even obsessed with cemeteries, or taphophiles are visiting and photographing cemeteries, headstones, … Read more

New form of Disposition in Washington will go into effect May 2020

In speaking with Richard Peterson, Director of Cemeteries Archdiocese of Seattle, he gave some points to ponder when reading about these new Disposition Laws that have gone or will go into effect in Washington, and possibly other states in the future. How will the funeral rites of the Church be affected? Burial of human remains: … Read more

Inspired Artisans Conference Contest

For those who have attended the past two CCFW Conferences, you are aware of our Suppler Face Time segment that allows for attendees to interact with our supplier representatives in a fast-paced, creative “get-to-know-you” presentation. One of our suppliers, Gino with Inspired Artisans, takes the creativity to an artistic level naturally. Two years in a … Read more

Joining us in Napa – Here’s how to get here!

We are very excited to welcome all our Cemetery and Funeral Home attendees, as well as our valuable suppliers to Napa in January 2019! Be sure to visit our conference page for updates and to review the schedule of events. Be sure to book your room at the Westin early in order to take advantage … Read more

2019 Annual Conference & Membership Scholarship Opportunity

New in 2019! CCFW is offering a chance to (Arch)Diocese Cemetery or Funeral Home representatives to attend the 2019 CCFW Annual Conference and have a 1-year membership to the organization. Join us in Napa, January 28-31, to see the difference being a member of CCFW can make! As a member,  you have access to a … Read more