2022 CCFW Annual Conference Recap

After some time off, we were so blessed to be able to join together once again in Napa for the CCFW Annual conference. While many had to cancel and our numbers were small, those who attended really enjoyed the educational speakers, the roundtable discussions and a sense of camaraderie for those who were there. We truly missed everyone who was unable to attend. We hope to see more of you at our Annual Conference next year! Date and location to be announced in March 2022.

View the 2022 printed program for details on our speakers and the schedule: CCFW 2022 Onsite Program – Web Version

First and foremost, thank you to our Sponsors who help make these conferences possible:

Batesville – Program Printing Sponsor

Matthews Memorialization/Cemetery Products: Monday Night Welcome Reception 

Cemetery360 – Tote Bag and Name Badge Holder Sponsor

Plotbox – Tuesday Breakfast Sponsor

Paradise Pictures – Tuesday Lunch and Thursday Lunch Sponsor

Global Bronze – Wednesday Breakfast Sponsor

Coldspring – Wednesday Lunch Sponsor

Precious Metal Refining Service – Wednesday Closing Reception

Biondan – Thursday Wine Pairing Sponsor

Cordeiro – Thursday Transportation Sponsor

Attendees were welcomed Monday evening with the President’s  Reception. Tuesday we dove right into our speakers with Author, Eric Layer, which everyone received a copy of “The Right Way of Death” as part of his keynote. The Cemetery360 swag bags were stuffed with goodies, handouts and more for each person in attendance. \

We learned about conflict resolution with Anna Schiele from the Diocese of Sacramento.  We were livened up with the energetic Angelique Simpson of Matthews/Aurora as she spoke around leadership development, where teams of five worked together to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows (you had to have been there).

For our Thursday Activity, we toured the Carmelite House of Prayer and had lunch with wine pairings at SilverOak Winery.

In lieu of Supplier FaceTime, this year our Suppliers provided 3-5 minute Ted Style Presentations, slide decks are provided below so you can learn from our Suppliers even without being in attendance! Visit our Supplier Directory to connect and follow up with our Suppliers in attendance.

Aftercare Slide Deck

Axiom Quick Overview

Behar Mapping CCFW 2022

Biondan Slide Deck 2022 

Catholic Extension Calendar 2022

Cemetery 360 2022 CCFW Presentation

Clearpoint CCFW 2022 Presentation

Coldspring Slidedeck

Davey Tree Video

Global Bronze – Supplier Presentation Slides

Kyber Slide Deck

OpusXenta Presentation for CCFW

Paradise Pictures Slides

PlotBox CCFW

Ring Ring Marketing – What Will Work in 2022

webCemeteries CCFW 2022 Slides